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daniele martire (italy, 1985) is a full-time project manager who loves design and experiments with photography on the side. he started documenting concerts with a film camera, and delves into digital nowadays as well. as an introspective person, he uses photography as an intimate tool to remember faces and places and to express his feelings and visions. he began street photography in japan, depicting daily life in double exposures. to him, street photography is all about feeling the city, its sounds, scents and lights – the boundaries in between observing and living in the city. he is co-founder of the superluna collective.


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Daniele Martire - circle of sloth iv

circle of sloth iv

circle of sloth (fuji xpro2, ricoh gr, 2017)
chi move te, se ’l senso non ti porge? Moveti lume che nel ciel s’informa, per sé o per voler che giù lo scorge.
“circle of sloth” is part of the project “Purgatory”, a reinterpretation of Dante’s work in a modern way, with the aim to show how still present it is while focusing on critical topics of japanese society.
In between lights there are shadows, and Tokyo is the city of such contrast, thanks to its dynamic and thwarted topography among very high skyscrapers and low traditional houses.
Indeed, eventhough the set is shot entirely during clear days, it is plainly noticeable how workers, and people in general, live their fast lives almost inside darkness: under the artificial lights of their roofs and the infinite battle of lights and shadows outdoor.
Are they so slothful to leave their safe daily routine in the big city or is there no way around?

Tokyo, Giappone


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