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La mostra di Steve McCurry alla Reggia di Venaria prorogata fino al 16 ottobre

AFGHN-10260, Nuristan, Afghanistan, 1979. CAPTION: Mujahideen Watch a Russian Convoy. Nuristan, Afghanistan,1979. Mujahideen fighters watch convoy, 1979"After this photograph was published in The New York Times (in a vertical format), McCurry's career took off. Its publication identified McCurry as a photographer with inside knowledge and contacts as the conflict between the Soviet Union and Afghan nationals expanded. The image also heralded the photographer's intense, poetic approach to telling stories with an economy of means, strategically employing composition, light, and space as narrative tools. Here, for instance, the story is more powerfully told without seeing the Russian convoy the Mujahadeen fighters are so intensely observing, leaving the threat of their presence in mist outside the frame." - Phaidon 55 Mujahideen observe a Russian convoy, Nuristan, Afghanistan, 1979. Pg 16,17, Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs Magnum Photos, NYC21021, MCS1980002 W00052/00A Steve Mccurry_Book Untold_Book final print_Beetles and Huxley MAX PRINT SIZE: 40X60 retouched_Sonny Fabbri 10/13/2015

IL MONDO DI STEVE MCCURRY Reggia di Venaria 1 aprile – 25 settembre 2016 – PROROGATA AL 16 ottobre Citroniera delle Scuderie Juvarriane Il mondo di STEVE MCCURRY alla Venaria prorogata fino al 16 ottobre Grande successo di pubblico sta riscuotendo la mostra “Il mondo di STEVE MCCURRY” allestita presso la Citroniera delle Scuderie Juvarriane…

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Prorogata fino al 31 agosto la mostra “Robert Capa in Italia”

La mostra ROBERT CAPA IN ITALIA, 1943 – 1944 è stata prorogata fino al 31 agosto 2016. L’esposizione, che sta avendo grande successo, si trova a San Gimignano, presso la Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea “Raffaele De Grada”. Per informazioni sulla mostra, ecco il link all’articolo scritto da Alessandro Curti. Clicca qui per accedere al…

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