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After art’s studies, mentored by eminent artists, Daniele stepped into photography as press photographer, following Formula1, MotoGP, and international Rally races, that he carried on for more than 10 years. After a short pause. he backed into photography in fashion and commercials’ field, with some of his works published on GQ, Forbes, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and others used in the Pavarotti International Festival. He worked for many years for Playboy Italy and CafèRacer France. Beside his job, Daniele has always used photography as an art form, melting it with different visual techniques, with a physical approach to the print itself, and experimenting various types of materials and their manipulation. Inspired by artists like Nino Migliori, Piero Manai and others, since the beginning (back in 70s’), he started using Instant films, and RankXerox copy-machines, with an innovative approach to photography for the time. Daniele was particularly attracted by Polaroid Films, that he used in a way between photography and painting, with creations not that far from dadaism ar even impressionism… and they were even istantaneus! So, at the sad news of the Polaroid plants’ closure, in 2008, Daniele founded PolaroidArtItaly, the first italian social group of instant photographers, wich he lead and coordinated till 2020, organising noumerous meetings, exhibitions, and always trying to disseminate his very first passion: Instant photography


ATTREZZATURADigitale, analogico, Polaroid, Instax, Stenopeiche... Quello che capita




Street photography

ISO 250


16 mm



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