Avatar Martina Aloia

I'm a young photographer based in Tuscany, in a little town near Florence. The first time that I used a camera, I was 7 years old and my mother had put me in punishment for having wasted an entire camera roll of my Canon AE-1. The camera rolls costed much and the pictures were almost all blunders. I'm not a professional, I just attended a photography course, so I'll show you what I see with my eyes, what moves me, what makes me feel special sensations. I worked a lot to buy all my equipment.


ATTREZZATURA- Canon AE-1 (50mm) - Canon EOS 600D - Obbiettivi: 50mm / grandangolo 10-18 / teleobiettivo 55-250 / 18-55 - cavalletto 165 cm - Uv Filter 67mm