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Through the light…

I have decided to develop the project “Through the light” to show how is living in Palermo. The city despite the diverse mixture of cultures has retained most of its original identity. Art and history are some important elements of daily palermitan life. Walking in the evening in our historical centre, which is the heart of the city, you can see many areas that are colored by typical corner markets such as Ballarò, il Capo and Vucciria that represent the ancient city’s pulsating core, tied to the scents and traditions of this city. Past and present exist together and give a unique scenery in many interesting places. I tried to “open a window” on some degraded areas to redeem the image of a city, which needs to look for a way back into the sun.

Palermo, PA, Italia



ISO 800


24.0 mm

1/160 sec.

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